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  ISSUE #1: NOV 2006
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"Win a 12 month holiday from your mortgage"

Use Tactical Financial Solutions to arrange your residential home loan during the promotional campaign and you could win a 12 month holiday from your mortgage.

Tactical Financial Solutions is an accredited broking firm with Australian Financial Group "AFG" who are offering a promotional prize of a "12 month holiday from your mortgage". The winner will have their mortgage paid by AFG for one year for their principal place of residence to a maximum of $16,372.20 (12 x $1364.35) to the lender.

Entry is conditional on the settlement of a residential home loan application submitted by an accredited AFG broker.

For full details and terms and conditions of the promotion please click here.


What's New

Tactical Financial Solutions recently launched its new web site. The web site gives an insight to the Tactical approach to finance together with a comprehensive overview of our depth in the broad range of services we can offer.

To check out our new web site please click here.


New Web Site
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Interest Rates On The Way Up? What Are My Options?

The general consensus in the media and from economists indicates that interest rates are set to rise again and possibly, before Christmas. Having said that, let's not get into a flat spin, as interest rates are still at a very reasonable level, given historical data - we all remember having to pay 16% p.a. on our home loans!
So, the question becomes, what is a good move at this time, given the current market and the possibility of another rise in official rates?

If your mortgage is a straight "Standard Variable", then an interest rate rise will impact on your monthly mortgage repayment. If you have a "Fixed Interest" loan, then, no change, until maturity – which may be a fair way off at the moment. If you have a combination of the two, then it would be fair to say, some impact, but not a great concern, depending on the ratio of "Standard Variable" to "Fixed Interest".

On a "Standard Variable" loan of $250,000, over 30 years, with the current interest rate, a monthly repayment of around $1,812 would be expected. With an interest rate rise of 0.25%, that monthly repayment would increase to $1,855. So, roughly an extra $43 per month.

To avoid the full $43 per month rise, you may consider 'fixing' a portion of the loan - eg. fix S170,000 @ 7.3% p.a. and then only $80,000 is subject to the rise, which changes the net effect of a 0.25% p.a. interest rate rise, down to only $13 per month.

Another option is to review the interest rate on your current mortgage to see if it could be lower than it currently stands. A lot of lenders have changed their policy and if you're not on a "Professional Package" you may already be paying too much and eligible for a 0.5% p.a. discount on your interest rate.

Certainly, the cost of a phone call, or email, could be worth $43 per month ($516 per year) or twice that, if you're eligible for a "Professional Package".

Why not let us do the legwork for you with a no obligation - free health check on your current mortgage.


Interest Rates on the way up?
General Interest
"Did You Know"

Refinancing - From 1 July 2006 an exemption from mortgage stamp duty on refinancing of mortgages by owner occupiers of homes and small business owners became available. With stamp duty one of the past major cost factors in refinancing why not ask us if there is a better option out there for you. A Tactical finance consultant will be happy to undertake a free financial health check of your lending portfolio at any time.

Pre-Approvals - With the WA property market experiencing boom times purchasing a property has not been an easy task. Most real estate agents have not even entertained writing up an offer subject to finance unless the proposed purchaser has had a pre-approval from a lender. At Tactical, not only can we arrange your finance pre-approval but we can also ascertain your maximum borrowing potential before you even start looking. Not all lending institutions work on the same lending policy and assessment criteria and our experience and choice of lenders will ensure your potential is maximized. If you or any one you know is considering buying a property please feel free to contact us for a No-obligation Free quote before you do anything else.

"Dad, why did they build The Great Wall of China?"

No one can tell precisely when the building of the Great Wall was started but it is popularly believed that it started as a military fortification against attacks by tribes on the borders during the earlier Zhou Dynasty in the 7th century BC. It was not until the Qin Dynasty that the separate walls, constructed by the states of Qin, Yan and Zhao kingdoms, were connected to form a defensive system on the northern border of the country by Emperor Qin Shi Huang. After the emperor unified the country in 214 BC, he ordered the construction of the wall. It took about ten years to finish and stretched for more than 5,000 kilometres.

The wall not only served as a defence in the north but also symbolized the power of the emperor. The Great Wall was renovated from time to time after the Qin Dynasty. A major renovation started with the founding of the Ming Dynasty in 1368, and took 200 years to complete.

Like the hilarious Big Pond ad we shouldn't always rely on other people's general knowledge for the answers. For a professional consultation when seeking or reviewing your finance needs, contact a professional at Tactical Financial Solutions today.

The Great Wall of China
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