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  ISSUE #5: JUNE 2008
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Borrow Through Super
Know the value of your home
Whats' New!
Welcome to the Autumn 2008 addition
of the Tactical Newsletter
With the end of the financial year rapidly approaching now is a good time to sit down and assess all of your financial requirements and goals. Ensure you are up to date with all of the new changes with respect to superannuation and tax planning. If you are considering purchasing a motor vehicle that would be subject to luxury car tax have you taken into consideration the luxury car tax increases on 1/7/2008 from 25% to 33%? It may be beneficial to bring the purchase forward into this financial year. Tactical can assist with motor vehicle finance and if you are borrowing more than $75,000 please ask us about a special offer from Macquarie Bank with their Prestige car loan.

It simply may just be a good time to review your current lending facilities to ensure that the loan/s you have in place are still the most effective for you.

For a free no-obligation review or to discuss any of your financial requirements please contact us.

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At Tactical Financial Solutions, we want your business and we want to help your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and anyone else you know, that you think needs our help!

The greatest compliment that you can pay us is to refer someone else you know.

We are never too busy and if the referral is from one of our existing clients, then let us make sure that everybody wins!!!

“Your Choice” Referral Incentive Promotion

Are you aware that Tactical Financial Solutions has a referral incentive program in place to reward our valued clients who refer business. We receive a large percentage of business from referrals by existing clients, which is a testimony to the service we provide. Our service is free and the only one thing we ask is to please refer our services to your family and friends. Help us grow our business and take advantage of the incentive reward promotion.

How does the promotion work?

Simply refer a family member, friend or co-worker to Tactical Financial Solutions and if the referral results in a loan being settled* then we will send you a $100 gift voucher for the business/organization of your choice. This could be a major Shopping Center/Shop (Garden City or Myer) a hotel or travel agent, Bunnings Hardware, Retravision or Hoyts Movies. As long as the nominated business provides gift vouchers then It’s your choice.

Email or Fax the following information to Gary Huggins
(Please obtain their permission prior to advising us of their details).
  • Your Name
  • Prospects Name
  • Prospects Phone Number
Email: garyhug@bigpond.net.au
Fax: (08) 9403 4498

*Minimum qualifying loan size $100,000 for a limited period only. Tactical Financial Solutions reviews the right to withdraw the offer at it’s discretion without notice. The Promotion does not extend to any person/organization who has entered into a referral agreement contract with Tactical Financial Solutions/AFG.


What's New
Borrow Through Super
Investing your superannuation in direct property could now be an option in your retirement strategy, thanks to recent changes to the laws governing self-managed superannuation funds.

The changes provide an opportunity for a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to borrow money to acquire a beneficial interest in an asset, i.e., property. Trustees can now set up their own private instalment warrant arrangements to borrow a portion of the property purchase price and combine this with their existing superannuation to make the property purchase.

The underlying security is held by an entity other than the investor, but as the investor you are able to enjoy the income and capital growth of owning that security. When you eventually pay your final instalment, you will acquire outright ownership - hence have legal title to your property.

Prior to this reform, property could be purchased within a super fund but it usually had to be bought outright as the fund was not allowed to borrow a portion of the total cost. For this reason, many self-managed super funds have up until now primarily invested in the share market or indirectly invested in property via property funds or trusts.

Apart from giving you the opportunity to invest more money than you could if you had to rely solely on your own resources, the new laws bring with them tax benefits. When holding a property as part of your super fund, the earnings arising from your investment are taxed at the superannuation fund rate, compared to the personal tax rate you would pay if you owned the property outright. If the property is sold once the fund has moved into its pension phase, you are exempt from paying Capital Gains Tax.

In addition, incorporating property in your super fund gives you the opportunity to diversify your assets, providing you with a fall-back if your other investments are off the pace.

As its name suggests, a self-managed super fund may give you greater control of your super destiny, but its complex rules can be daunting to the uninitiated. Expert advice is necessary and will help facilitate a smooth set-up, as well as ensure any borrowing and investment falls within the rules of the fund.

It is expected the new opportunity to borrow will entice more people away from employee or industry funds in favour of setting up a self-managed super fund.

If you are considering this as an option, we are happy to provide information and referrals to help get you started. We can also arrange the finance once you have everything in place.


Know the value of your home
Your home might be worth more than you think it is. That's the message from a recent survey of property owners, which revealed that many of us are unsure if our home has increased or decreased in value.

The MFAA/BankWest Home Finance Index revealed that NSW and Western Australian survey respondents were the least informed, with 22.2 % and 10.6 % respectively not knowing the value of their homes.

Having your property valued is an important first step in taking advantage of the equity in your home. It's a common misconception that property appraisals are needed only if you are planning to sell, when in fact you can use them annually to refinance additional investments.

If an appraisal finds your home has increased in value, for example, you can use this equity to negotiate a larger loan. On an increase of $60,000 you could apply to borrow another $50,000 (around 80% of the value), which you can put towards purchasing another investment property. In fact, the additional equity in your home can be used as a wealth creation strategy in any number of ways. Please feel free to discuss these options with us.

For the best indication of the value of your home, use a qualified valuer so that you can be sure of the level of accuracy. This can be arranged privately by yourself, or completed as part of any refinancing arrangement. Real estate agents can give an estimate of price but their appraisal does not have the kind of detail that lenders require when making a decision on a loan. A mortgage lender will almost always require their own valuation to be completed as part of the loan application process.

A professional appraisal report provides a comprehensive overview of your property as well as an evaluation of the real estate market in your area. We can recommend and arrange for a valuer to come to your home, or you can organise a valuer independently through the Australian Valuers Institute (www.valuersinstitute.com.au).

The main factors that influence a valuation are property market trends and the size and location of your property, but it doesn't hurt to lend a helping hand. To get the best possible valuation on the day, valuers recommend that your property is neat and tidy. If you have minor home improvements to make or already in progress, get them done before the valuer pays a visit!

Marriage presents both people with not only the motivation to buy a home but also, in most cases, a better ability to service a home loan. The catch phrase is, "two incomes are better than one". Prior to marriage single people with a single income may have seen the housing affordability problem as so great, as to be insurmountable. When they are first married, they have the opportunity to change this by harnessing two incomes.

In many cases it may be some years before newlyweds intend having children. Many couples find that this situation enables them to direct both of their incomes to the mortgage. The fact that it may be some years before they intend having children means that many newly married couples can get started in an affordable house with the intention of upgrading later if they want to.

For others who may have already established a property while single, marriage may provide the opportunity to upgrade to a larger one. For some couples it may provide the opportunity to commence a property portfolio by using their combined incomes.

When wedding bells ring within your family circle, it may be a time when you think it appropriate to refer the happy couple to a mortgage broker. We would be happy to speak with you about this.

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What’s New!
At Tactical Financial Solutions we have been busy sourcing and establishing new contacts and associations with other professional bodies to provide you with a wider range of financial services.

Financial Planning

We have established an association with financial planning specialists “Strategic Prosperity Group” who offer a full range of financial planning services. These services include retirement planning, Superannuation, Government Entitlements, Estate and Will Planning and Insurance including Life, trauma and disability and income protection to mention a few.

Wealth Creation through Property

Our association with the Worldwide Group has created an opportunity to provide you access to investment property specialists who have carefully selected a diverse range of investment properties with a point of difference from around the nation. To view a selection of these properties please click here.

If you are interested in any of these associated services please contact us.

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