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  ISSUE #7: MARCH 2009
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To Buy or not to Buy
Bottom-end to spark property market recovery
Home buyers come first
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Welcome to the Summer 2009 addition
of the Tactical Newsletter
As we leave a financially troubled 2008 behind and start a new journey into the un-chartered waters of 2009 we all hope that the worst is over and we now have to wait for the storm to blow over. This edition has gathered some of the very recent positive stories that are now starting to emerge, (sourced from Mortgage and Finance association of Australia (MFAA) and Mortgage Business Magazine.

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To Buy or not to Buy
With all the turmoil in investment markets over recent months, many investors will be asking if they have done the right thing by investing in shares or managed funds. Many will be looking cautiously towards bricks and mortar in 2009 as a potential safe-haven for their investment dollar. While some see the current global economic crisis as a reason to despair, the reality is the current local property market has an abundance of opportunity ripe for the picking... if you know where to look. Just about anyone can make money when the market goes up, but only skilled, properly informed and educated investors will make profits as skill supersedes luck.

The secret to successful investing is a counter-cyclical approach

Traditionally, human nature tells us to invest when markets are going up and to sell when markets are in decline. However, we need to change our mindset and avoid the herd mentality'. Instead, invest when everyone else is selling (giving us maximum choice, discounts and negotiating power) and sell when everyone else is buying. Similarly with longer term investments, we should be buying when markets are down and hold on to our investments for the long term. Time in, not timing. Warren Buffett is quoted as saying:

“Be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others
are fearful.”

The world's most successful investors make their money by buying in the gloom and selling in the boom. To fully understand the current market and how to profit and make the right decisions for your investment portfolio, now more than ever you need sound coaching and advice.


What's New
Bottom-end to spark property
market recovery
While some feel the property market has some way to go before picking up experts say 40 year low interest rates and government incentives have put the wheels in motion for a slow, but real upswing in the property market.

Of the 598 respondents to the latest Mortgage Business’ weekly straw poll, a narrow majority of 56 per cent believe that the property market has not yet bottomed out while 38 per cent feel that we have turned the corner.

The property market was hit hard in 2008 as the global financial crisis took its toll on buyer confidence but in 2009 there are early indications that conditions are improving.

In the year to January the median house prices slipped by just over one per cent, according to Residex, although falls were more substantial in some areas of
the country.

Louis Christopher of Adviser Edge told Mortgage Business that indications are that the lower end of the market may have bottomed out, though he warned that recovery for the top end could still be some way off.

"There are some strong signs that the lower end of the market is now holding, as a result of first home buyer incentives, rate reductions and other government initiatives,” he said. Jason Anderson of BIS Shrapnel agreed; he said a surge in first home buyer activity would have positive ramifications for the lower end of
the market.

“We are forecasting 180,000 first home purchases in this calendar year – that’s more than the peak recorded in 2002 when the first home owner grant was first introduced.

First home buyer activity won’t just stimulate the bottom end of the market but should also have a domino effect on the middle market, according to
Mr Anderson.

Mr Anderson also pointed out that unemployment would not necessarily prove fatal for prices; high unemployment after the recession in the early 90s did not see property prices plummet, he said. “Substantial rate reductions in post recession 91 and 92 saw property prices increase by 3 to 5 per cent.

“The great majority of households aren’t impacted by unemployment, but interest rates,” he said. Warren McCarthy, CEO of realty group LJ Hooker tipped the $300,000 to $600,000 markets to pick up first – particularly those close to CBDs and in strong regional centres.

“With demand for properties in this price bracket strong, a shortage of stock will eventually see prices improve.”


What's New
Home buyers come first
Starting the New Year in a new home has become a happy reality for many Australians, thanks to the Federal Government's First Home Buyer Boost.

Effective from October 2008, the First Home Owner Grant has now been doubled to $14,000 for first home owners who purchase an established home. For those who build a new home or buy a newly constructed home, there has been a tripling of the existing grant, taking it to a whopping $21,000.

The boost was announced as part of a package to stimulate housing activity, which is considered essential to the economy's overall performance. The Housing Industry Association predicts the move will result in an extra 15,000 houses to be built around Australia over the next 12 months.

The good news for first home owners doesn't stop there, as the grant runs on top of the government's first home saver initiative (a special-purpose savings account to which the government makes contributions), plus first home owner grants that are administered by each state. Stamp duty concessions are also available, many of which have undergone changes over the last year to encourage home buyers into the market.

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