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Carolyn & I found ourselves needing sound, well researched advise on all aspects of real estate finance. We employed the services of Tactical Financial Solutions. That was our smartest decision. The advice we received was solid & thorough, and ... (read more)
We recently undertook a restructure of our existing finance facilities with the assistance of Tactical Financial Solutions. Initially we were reluctant to change financiers due to a perception that the process would be overly complicated. However with the extremely prompt and the whole ... (read more)
My wife and I have been property investors for 35 years. Tactical Financial Solutions director Gary Huggins has provided us with far more flexible financial options to service our now very large property investment portfolio. In our experience this has not been available from the big banks or ... (read more)
Paul Stinson
(Manager of Gatto Christian Shop)
Peter J Illingworth
(Principal of PTR Business Services)
Brian & Jill Stinson
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Our Services
Our consultants have been assisting clients with finance for years and know all the key elements that go towards helping make an informed decision about the product and services that are right for your particular set of circumstances whilst keeping in mind, your future goals.
The chosen credit provider will pay "TACTICAL" a commission for sourcing the business. However, this is a direct cost to the credit provider and is in no way passed on to you as a client of either "TACTICAL", or of the credit provider, itself. If you are not totally satisfied with the end product, you are not obliged to proceed. As such, this is a "NO OBLIGATION"– "FREE SERVICE".

As far as the team at "TACTICAL" is concerned, we have no qualms in using your preferred lender and will provide all of our information in an unbiased manner, to allow you as a client to make an informed decision, between all lenders and products.

If you are seeking finance for any worthwhile purpose, what would you expect from a Tactical Consultant? If the answer is an experienced finance professional who will;

  Let me choose what I want to do, without pressuring me into a lender or product
  Offer more choices and provide more information than any single lender
  Let me look over the final proposal before I have to commit
  Provide me with an ongoing finance relationship;

then contact a Tactical Financial Solutions consultant, now!
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